Overview: Edit

Tribespeople are the core aspect of the game. The goal of the game is to help the tribespeople survive on the island that they crashed on by helping them gather crucial resources, construct buildings, and help them learn how to do tasks more efficiently. The game starts with three women, two men, and two children (one boy and one girl) in the tribe. Throughout the course of the game, the tribespeople will have children, learn about the sciences (earn science points for technology upgrades), construct buildings, craft clothes, gather food, and possibly even travel to other islands.

The maximum number of tribespeople that can be alive at any given time is 50, but this number can be passed by either having two tribespeople have a child with 49 tribespeople alive and giving the woman the twins potion (stardust + seawater + mushrooms), bringing the tribe to 51 people (confirmation needed), or through a known glitch where when the population is maxed out and the game is set to simulate while turned off twins will appear when the player opens the game back up, bringing the tribe to 52 people. The parentage of these twins can be easily determined if they are still babies. Babies always follow their mother around the island, and the father can be determined by calculating the average physical and mental strength between the mother and every adult male tribesperson. The father is the combination of male and mother average physical and mental strengths that gives the physical and mental strength of the children, give or take two points.