Overview: Edit

Research in science allows the tribe to make technological advancements in agriculture, construction, technology, and the arts. Researching agriculture unlocks the ability to plant trees and make farm plots, researching construction unlocks the ability to construct new buildings, researching technology allows the tribe to brew more potions, and researching the arts allows the tribe to craft new types of clothes for themselves. Each of the research fields have three levels and the tribe starts at level 1 in each. To research a new level in each field, the tribe must spend science points which can be earned by either tribespeople 'researching' and earning science points or dropping stardust and moondust on the science lab. The tribe can also earn 100,000 science points once from a specific mysterous object.

Science Points Required for Each Level of Research Edit

Agriculture Edit

Level 2: 2,000

Level 3: 5,000

Construction Edit

Level 2: 100

Level 3: 400,000

Technology Edit

Level 2: 20,000

Level 3: 50,000

The Arts Edit

Level 2: 500

Level 3: 200,000