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This page is dedicated to tips and tricks that players have discovered while playing My Tribe on PC. If you have a tip, trick, or game strategy, feel feel to post it here! If it's an especially long post, such as a strategy for playing the entire game, please write a short summary here and put a link to a blog post on your user page with the full explanation of your tip, trick, or strategy. If you aren't posting your full tip, trick, or strategy all at once, please say that it is currently incomplete at the start of your entry and delete the line when it is done. When writing the title of your tip, trick, or strategy, please use the naming pattern of "{username}'s {tip/trick/strategy}" such as "JaneDoe001's building strategy" or "JonSmith002's tree farming tips".

AbiakOtes's Full Game Strategy Edit

The blog post I link to is currently incomplete.

In my full game strategy, I explain how I played a game of My Tribe in as little time as possible with no tribespeople deaths, including acquiring all trophies in the game. I have written detailed explanations of each stage of the game, right up to and including the 'grind' at the end-game for the Methuselah trophy.

My blog post with the complete game strategy can be found here: